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5 Easy Snoring Remedies: Ways to Stop Snoring

Do you know that snoring is a widespread condition that affects people of all ages, with approximately 45% of adults snoring occasionally and 25% being habitual snorers. (Source: Dental Association of Arlington) But, what exactly is snoring? Snoring is a sound that is produced when the flow of air through your mouth and nose is physically obstructed during your sleep. 

The impact that is caused due to snoring can be problematic not only to you but also to your partners. For the snorer it can lead to disruptive sleep and even sleep apnea which is a serious sleep disorder.  Your partners on the other hand also suffer from disruptive sleep due to the noise, leading them to daytime fatigue and irritability. By now you must have understood that snoring has various causes such as:

  • Nasal Problems
  • Sleep Position
  • Alcohol consumption

But for every problem there is always a solution and in this blog we would help you out in finding out some of the easy snoring remedies which you can follow to get relief from this  problem.  

5 easy remedies to follow for stopping snoring 

Here we have mention 5 easy remedies which you can follow to stop your snoring habits for good:

1. Work on your Sleep Position

One of the simplest ways to eliminate snoring from your life is by changing your sleep position. But how is this going to be effective and what’s the best position to sleep? Let’s find it out together. When you sleep on your back, the gravity then can cause your tongue to fall back in your throat which narrows your airways and causes the tissues in your throat to vibrate more intensely whenever air flows past them and this is one of the primary causes of snoring. 

That’s why the best position for sleeping is on your side as it has effective ways to reduce snoring. This position is best for snoring because it prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and keeps your airways open, this then helps the air flow more smoothly through your throat and reduces the vibration that causes snoring. If you’re not a side sleeper naturally then we have given some tips below which you can follow:

  • Place a few extra pillows behind your back to prevent yourself from rolling onto your back while you sleep.
  • You can even try a tennis ball trick which involves you sewing a tennis ball into the back of your pajama top and when you try to roll onto your back while sleeping, the discomfort of the tennis ball will cause you to return to your side. 

2. Improve your Sleep Habits 

Having a consistent routine for your sleep, meals, exercises and other activities is important, therefore we recommend you to go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning, even including your weekends. 

You should do this because inconsistent or less sleep leads to various issues and one such issue is snoring. It happens because when you don’t have enough sleep you tend to sleep deeper when you get a chance to rest, this deep sleep then causes the muscles in your body to relax including the one in your throat and when these muscles relax they result in snoring. Getting enough sleep each night is important and as an adult it is recommended for you that you should aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. 

3. Clear your Nasal Passages 

Keeping your nasal passages always clean helps reduce snoring because when you have nasal congestion it blocks the airflow through your nose and forces you to breathe through your mouth while you sleep. This change in your breathing pattern causes the soft tissue in your throat to vibrate more than usual which eventually leads to snoring. The nasal congestion can be caused due to various factors like:

  • Cold: It causes inflammation and swelling in your nasal passages which leads to congestion.
  • Allergies : It leaves your body to produce excess mucus which make you have a blocked nose.

To remove congestion for good, you can try using saline nasal sprays or nasal strips. Nasal strips become effective by moistening your nasal passages and breaking up the mucus in your nose, allowing you to breath easily. And, the nasal strips can be used by you to physically open your nasal passages by pulling your nostrils apart.  

4. Maintain Healthy Weight

You might be thinking how does weight management relate with snoring? Well, you might be shocked to know that the fat deposits around your neck and throat compress your airways which causes the surrounding tissues to shake which then causes the sound of snoring. Focusing on weight management doesn’t mean that you have to lose weight but it also involves a balanced diet and regular exercise. While maintaining a healthy weight you will see changes in other aspects as well such as reduction in risk of diabetes and enhancement of mental health. 

5. Limit Alcohol and Sedatives before bed

When you want your body to relax you take alcohol and sedatives which have a relaxing effect on your muscles. And, this even includes the muscles in your throat that collapse into the airway and narrow it,  leading you towards snoring. To get relief from snoring it is recommended that you should avoid alcohol and sedatives for at least three hours before bedtime.


There is no doubt that snoring is a serious issue that has disrupted the sleep of many people like you , but that doesn’t mean that you can’t cure it, there are several manageable ways available in the market which you can use to reduce its impact. You can do it by following some of the most used techniques mentioned above and can get rid of it for good. So what are you waiting for, start your journey today and contribute towards healthier well-being. 

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